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Here at SJ Shop, we use STEK Paint Protection Film. STEK has over 40 years in the film protection market! This film is designed to stop rock chips and scratches while being virtually invisible over factory paints. With phenomenal optical clarity, self healing, UV-resistant and anti-yellowing properties you can ensure your car stays protected.  Easy to care for and adds durable protection to your paint, because driving your vehicle with peace of mind is just more enjoyable. 


10 Year Warranty 



Partial Front Paint Protection Film
Full Front Paint Protection Film
Full Vehicle Paint Protection Film

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Front Bumper

Partial Hood

Partial Fenders



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Front Bumper

Full Hood

Full Fenders



FULL VEHICLE (Gloss or Satin Finish)
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Full Vehicle ​

Additional Protection Options Available A la Carte

  • Why should I get PPF?
    You've purchased an investment, so you should protect it. Paint protection film helps protect against all the unavoidable hazards on and off the road. From rock ships, shopping carts, acidic bugs, scratches and harmful uv rays you can ensure to keep your vehicle looking like new.
  • What if my PPF gets damaged?
    Different types of damage can change the outcome. Damage such as light scuffs and scratches can be buffed out and or the self healing properties of the film will take care of it. If someone hits your car and damages the film to a point it needs to be replaced, we remove and replace for good as new!
  • Is there a Warranty?
    The film is warrantied for up to 10 Years!
  • Do I have to pick one of your packages?
    Of course not! The packages are the easier way to pick your protection but you're not limited to them. You can pick and choose many of our additional protection options and make your own bundles.
  • What if I also want Ceramic Coating on top?
    That's no issue! Ceramic Coatings can go on top of PPF no problem. This is an additional cost so ask one of our staff about this add on option for pricing and availability.
  • How long does it take?
    The frontal packages are one day. Full vehicles can be anywhere from 2-7 days depending on vehicle, areas and finish.
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